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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lone Oak Barn Wedding

This summer, I had pleasure of assisting Seen Photography. They are an awesome couple duo that are fun and really talented beings. I admire their love and devotion to their photography. Check out their stuff on their site Below are some of my faves of photos I snapped.  photo IMG_6407_zps8eaac458.jpg  photo Collage7_zps39bf4602.jpg  photo Collage15_zps3f1314be.jpg  photo Collage14_zpsf2ec251f.jpg  photo IMG_6618_zpsa3b09ade.jpg  photo Collage8_zps97914652.jpg  photo Collage9_zps83679a27.jpg  photo Collage11_zps7b29e9ff.jpg  photo Collage10_zpsf79d3f84.jpg  photo Collage13_zps1090da08.jpg  photo IMG_6420_zps6123ca89.jpg  photo Collage4_zpscd4f32c3.jpg  photo Collage12_zpse11641b5.jpg  photo IMG_6777_zps9e464000.jpg  photo Collage3_zps8ce7c24e.jpg  photo IMG_6871_zpsf35a8c4a.jpg  photo Collage1_zps8e0b9a0c.jpg  photo IMG_6683_zps9253304b.jpg  photo IMG_6814_zps56ed9b9d.jpg  photo IMG_6736_zpsb6581864.jpg  photo IMG_6734_zpsa02641ee.jpg  photo IMG_6656_zpsd19cc659.jpg  photo Collage5_zps90886d36.jpg  photo IMG_6822_zpsb175cbaa.jpg

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Barr Mansion Wedding

This past January, Charlotte of Number 9 Photography asked me to join her for a Barr Mansion Wedding. Charlotte specializes in fun, quirky, rock n roll inspiration wedding photography that are always a blast. Here are some of my fave highlights of that beautiful whimsical day. Check out her work! Number 9 Photography-  photo IMG_9819_zpsef447a8a.jpg  photo IMG_0007_zps4e35796e.jpg  photo Collage2_zps93536673.jpg  photo Collage1_zps000aa40b.jpg  photo IMG_9847-3_zps6652c1c7.jpg  photo Collage_zpsb0962431.jpg  photo IMG_9826-2_zpsc60f2db2.jpg  photo Collage3_zpsfeaf9f01.jpg  photo IMG_9832_zps5c626c70.jpg  photo Collage4_zps5694e3a4.jpg  photo Collage5_zps193cffaa.jpg  photo IMG_0022_zpse7dfe9cc.jpg  photo IMG_9939_zpsa93101d2.jpg  photo IMG_0104-2_zps9cd867c3.jpg  photo IMG_0109_zps69f96c92.jpg  photo IMG_0110_zpsf42d4a01.jpg